Commercial & Investment Property Valuation Calculators

Commercial and Investment Property Valuations

Make use of the relevant formula’s without having to calculate anything. At we have mastered the process of the correct valuation process and results for Commercial Property Valuations, Development Property Valuations, Investment Property Valuations and Business Valuations. We auto calculate NPV, IRR, MIRR, Cash Flow, XIRR and XNPV for your precise analysis and presentations.

Present your Commercial Property Listings in a professional and concise manner with our auto calculations and smart Analytical Calculators.

We are often asked why MIRR is preferred to IRR?

Why MIRR is the preferred valuation formulae to IRR! for Property and Project Valuations. The Modified Internal Rate of Return formulae is modified in such a manner that we are able to control the Rate of Return on positive cash flows to = that of the funding rate. Whereas the Internal Rate of Return has a major flaw which can easily overstate the actual returns on a property/project. The IRR keeps calculating positive cash flows at the same rate of its internal returns which is incorrect. Want to know more about Property, Business, Development Property Valuations? mail us

Commercial & Investment Property Valuation Calculators

Commercial Property Valuations

At we automate the correct formula’s and methodology to effectively evaluate and analyse Commercial Property. Most Commercial Property Brokers will use the Cap Rate method in order to produce a Value of a particular Commercial Property.

We make use of Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Modified Internal rate of Return (MIRR). Cash Flow analysis, and XIRR-XNPV where relevant. It is not possible to value the continued stream of income, the escalating income and costs, the exit prices etc with the Cap Rate method which only measures returns for year 1 of the Commercial Property.

The Importance and relevance of MIRR in particular cannot be overstated when performing a Commercial Property Valuation. The MIRR with other formula is imperative for Investment Analysts, Fund Managers, Property Portfolio Managers and Funders/Bankers. In order to proceed with any Commercial, Industrial Property Investment, the MIRR must meet certain required returns.

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