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We are developing all Excel-based Systems/Calculators/Tools into a Web-Based Platform suitable for iPads and Cellphones

     We auto calculate the relevant formulae NPV, IRR, MIRR, XIRR, XNPV, Cash Flow

All Analytical Calculators do not require any calculations from the user!

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The Analytical Calculators have been developed in Microsoft Excel Using Visual Basic Coding, Currently not suitable for Mobile Devices & Tablet.

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Estate Agent Tool Kit:        


The most comprehensive suite of useful analytical calculators and tools.

This comprehensive suite is aimed at providing the individual agent with an opportunity to save time, operate with ease and precision.


List of analytical calculators/systems/tools in the suite:

Personal Budget and Planner.

Personal Mandate Manager which auto ages and colour codes listings.

Transfer & Bond Cost Calculator.

Capital Gains Tax Calculator Feb 2021. 

Rental Yield Analytical Calculator.

Personal Income Tax Calculator for commission earners (Feb 2020/21).

Loan Amortisation Calculator.

Questions and Answers – grow your knowledge.

Bridging Finance Facilities.

The suite for 2020 up to Feb 2021 is proudly sponsored by:

      Premium Analytical Calculators:

Commercial / Investment Property Analytical Valuations: (R1 860 pa) Plus personalised branding:

The Analytical Calculator produces NPV, IRR, MIRR, Cash Flow and BEP for periods 5, 7, 10, 12, 15 & 20-year terms.

Investment Analysts, Investment Bankers, Portfolio Managers, Fund managers and Financiers need to view all the data and formula that is auto produced from these few inputs.

The auto-calculated detailed reports will provide all that is needed to make informed decisions.


Gross Rental Income        300 000

Fixed Rental Income           34 000

Provisions/Maintenance       6 000

Financiers Interest Rate        9,5%

Deposit %                                   35%

Rental Escalation PA                  7%

Required Cap Rate               10, 5%

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Business Valuation Analyst: (R1 860 pa)

The Analytical calculator produces NPV, IRR, MIRR, Cash Flow and BEP for periods 3, 5, 7 and 10 year periods. Also, COC returns are calculated.

The Business Valuation Calculator is sensitive to PE Ratios, much like the Cap Rate in the Commercial Valuation Calculators. There are guides and explanatory notes.

Whether analysing a Business for sale or merely for Balance Sheet purposes, it is essential to utilise the correct formula. All Investment Analysts, Fund Managers and Financiers require these formula’s and results in order to make informed decisions.


The Basic Data that you are required to complete is all found on the Balance Sheet.

Current Assets, Fixed Assets, Long Term Loans.

Audited or accounted for, NPAT (Net Profit after Tax) up to 5 years.

Mitigating Factors which are asked.

Excessive drawing adjustments if relevant.

It is all menu driven are the auto reports which are produced may be viewed ….

Property Developers Evaluation Analyst: (R2 350 pa)

XIRR and XNPV are date-sensitive IRR and NPV formula which is essential to calculating correct and accurate returns on developments.

There are three parts to the Property Developers Calculator:

Analyse & Evaluate Developments “For Sale” type

Quick compare & evaluate multiple developments “For Sale” type

Analyse and Evaluate Developments for “Rental Stock” type or combination of “Rental Stock” and “For Sale” type

Investment Analysts, Investment Bankers, Portfolio Managers, Fund managers and Financiers need to view all the data and formula that is auto produced from these few inputs.

The auto-calculated detailed reports will provide are all that is needed to make informed decisions.

There is also an explanation and user guide.

Under Development:

Agency Performance Manager: (R2 990 pa)

The Analyst will identify key performance areas with no extra effort.

Know the profitability of every agent and aspect of your business.

Identify the sold to listing price % on each deal.

Managing for higher levels of proficiency and profitability is the driving force behind the Agency/Practise Manager.

Auto generates monthly reports.

Colour coded identification of no of days on the market.


Basic Listing Info is all that is required for the Analyst to produce the following results:

The expense to expense Ratio’s

The expense to Income Ratio’s

Agency Profitability

Agents and Listings Profitability

Auto ageing of listings


Preview the Reports on the right.

Residential  Property Valuations:

Valuations. For accuracy, we only use LIVE property asking prices per M2 per suburb on a weighted average basis.

Why we believe in Live Pricing for accurate market valuations:

Past sales stats are littered with sales between family members and friends, distressed sales, sales in execution, internal sales between owners and their entities, and a whole host of other factors which render these stats useless. Neither do past sales stats take into account the current climate, mood of the market or the simple and current supply-demand logic. We therefore strongly urge you to make use of the live pricing “weighted average price per square meter” - in that particular suburb, on the market today for accuracy and efficiency! There is no intrinsic value other than the average pricing of what is on the market competing with your property today!

How it works:

We produce Live property pricing "on the market today" per M2 per suburb

With the use of our simple calculator, you will simply adjust this M2 pricing with above and below factors such as positioning, condition, views etc and accurately generate a True Market Value that competes with the current properties on offer in that particular suburb today.

Calculators & Tools for Commercial Property Valuations, Development Property Valuations and Real Estate Knowledge.